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Memorial Day

As a child, every Memorial Day I celebrated with my parents and sisters was the same.  My Dad, who had immigrated from Portugal as a child, would get up early and proudly hang the American flag outside our house.  Becoming

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Sushi, Versace, and Love

Can you get a babysitter tonight?  Mark had called me at lunch to see how the new website launch was going.  I picked at the last pieces of my salad as my mind wandered about what he was up to.

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My Debut

You have no idea how good it feels to compose this first post on my new blog with my business rebranded – it feels like Christmas!  Over a year of work, thought, and time has gone into this process and

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7 Must-Have Tips

for creating a
successful wedding planning
business you love!

My income increased 300% in 24 months by implementing these EXACT same 7 must-have tips in my own wedding planning business (that I have now taught to countless wedding planners who are experiencing the same success)!

I want those tips!