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When a Couple is Not Religious, but Their Families Are…

Last week I received an email from Chelsea, an aspiring wedding planner and bride-to-be.  She and her fiance are atheist but their families are extremely religious.  She needed some advice on how to have a non-religious wedding without offending anyone.

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For the Love of Food

Something I am passionate about is food.  I love it.  I grew up with a family who celebrated life’s greatest thrills and accomplishments around the dining room table and mourned life’s deepest losses in the same way.  Food just has

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Rancho Valencia Resort // Michelle & Daniel, Part One

Michelle and I felt like old friends within 20 minutes of meeting.  When she decided to hire me as her wedding planner, I was beyond excited.  I spent the next several months getting to know Michelle and seeing how madly

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Tip of the Day // When Parents Offer to Contribute Financially

If you are engaged to be married, this may be a familiar scenario: Mom has offered to financially contribute to your wedding but instead of writing you a check for a flat amount, she offers instead to pay for the

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Sunday Raindrops

To all you lovers waking up to the rain… Photo: Elizabeth Messina xo,

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Um…Is This Thing On?

Oh hi. Where have you been, you ask?  Thanks for asking…  🙂 I honestly cannot believe that it is already October 19 and I have not posted ONCE this month.  Chalk it up to being busy, but great things are

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