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Its Not Too Late! Set Those Goals!

As January is coming to a close I thought I’d shoot a video to encourage all the slackers procrastinators busy people out there who have yet to set 2013 goals to get those goals on paper and make them happen!

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Valentines Day Inspiration

Even though Valentines Day is a majorly commercialized day, I still love what it represents and always think of all the lovely brides out there accepting proposals around this holiday.  As a married gal, I am always excited to see

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Honey Mustard-Glazed Salmon with Lentils and Kale

I just made this for dinner this week and it is so SO good and extremely guilt free.  And ladies, you can brag to your man about your homemade honey-mustard skills…I did. ; ) INGREDIENTS: (I use all organic ingredients.)

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Mike & Lindsay // The El Cortez, Part One

I shared the story of my friendship with Lindsay here, but just to recap, this gal and I have been besties since eighth grade and have walked through so many experiences in life together.  Linds was in my wedding a

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What I Love About People

As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches I’ve been doing a little thinking about people.  What I love about people, specifically.  With so much negativity and tragedy constantly highlighted in the news I find myself searching out and celebrating the

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Portuguese Kale Soup

It has been COLD here in San Diego!  Now before all you people who live in real weather start to laugh, I did live on the east coast for a good number of years so I have paid my snow-shoveling

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Dear Brides – Lets Talk About Your Budget

Dear Brides (and Grooms), Before I was a wedding planner, I was a bride, so I completely understand how stressful and daunting establishing a wedding budget can be.  When I was engaged, I had never planned an event of such

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What’s Trending in Weddings :: The Roaring Twenties

During the 1920’s, economic prosperity was at a high, patriotism soared following World War I, jazz music thrived, and lets not forget the flappers – a fresh breed of self-sufficient and outspoken women who emerged with their shorter skirts, bobbed

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