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Time to Engage!

Its early Friday morning and as I write this I am full of nerves about my upcoming trip to Engage!13, a luxury wedding business summit I attend every year.  I’ve written about Engage before here and here and here and

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Vendor Meals & Lipgloss

Hi Friends! As a wedding planner I am often asked by my clients, Who gets a vendor meal?, What are they served?, How much does it cost?  In today’s video I answer those questions for you. Oh, and the lipgloss

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Guest List Woes

Hi y’all! Today is Wednesday and a couple people have asked why there is no video posted.  So here’s the deal – I almost didn’t post today’s video because it scares me a little. You have shown so much love

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On Being Still

Being still is not something that has ever come easily to me.  I’m a busy woman.  I like to get things done and I like to be productive.  Every now and then, when I am the least still actually, I

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What’s Trending In Weddings // A Return to Elegance

We have all been a bit more financially conservative over the past several years since the economy took a nosedive.  Despite the state of the economy, those of us in the wedding industry were able to witness amazing (and very

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Wedding Inspiration // Spring Romance

Hi friends! With spring in full swing and summer quickly approaching I thought I’d share this little piece of eye candy that I put together. I am still a sucker for feminine chandeliers and I have a soft spot for

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Befriending the Competition

I have to be honest and say that one of the most intimidating things about my job used to be befriending other wedding planners.  When I was just beginning my business and attending networking events and soirées for wedding planners

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Carrissa & Philip // Romantic Central CA Wedding

Carrissa and I met in college.  I saw her in my freshman math class and then a few days later when I started my serving job at Chili’s (my least favorite job to date) I realized that she worked there

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