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Activate & Shine

One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made was waiting.  I was a professional waiter.  I’m not really sure what I was waiting for exactly…maybe permission, maybe opportunity, perhaps maturity or getting back into my skinny jeans or success

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I Got Goals.

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that last week I challenged myself to not only do my normal gym workouts M-F but to add a mile+ run each day.  I love giving myself little mini challenges on

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Alison Howard

Fifty Shades of Lies

I was a believer of lies.  I believed in what society and the media told me about love and marriage and then on Sunday I would raise my hands in church and sing to a God I didn’t really know,

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My 2014 Review :: What Worked, What Didn’t

As I reflect on this past year I recall the word I assigned to 2014 – CONVERGE – to bring all things together.  Ha!  What a word.  But I understand where my head was when I chose that word this

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End Of The Year Blues

Christmas is gone and with its swift departure an unsettling reality lingers – the New Year.  Its impending arrival looms in these days after Christmas and many (or maybe just myself) become introspective as we reflect on the past year.

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Welcome Home

I’m sitting here in my hometown of Hanford, CA – the town I swore over twelve years ago that I would never return to again.  (This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced life’s irony.) The familiar sound of the train

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Photo by Tim King

A Season of Change

I am no stranger to change. I left my parents home a month after my high school graduation at 18 years old and never looked back.  I was armed with unquestionable independence and naïve ambition that has (and still) leads

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Seven Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Hi friends! As I sit here getting ready  to fly to Branson, Missouri this weekend for my first out-of-state wedding it dawned on me: today is May 23 – the seven year anniversary of my business!  AND my sweet nephew,

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