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Instagram Insecurity

I want to tell you a story about insecurity. Insecurity born out of the deep desire to be known, loved, admired, and respected.  A desire I think we all share. This story is about a woman who, despite teaching wedding

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Photo by Allan Zepeda

A Promise to Myself Comes to Life

When I was a brand new wedding planner I remember struggling with how to brand my business, how to actually run a business, how to market my business and get it in front of my ideal client (but I didn’t even really

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Photo By Raquel Leal Photography

Maybe the Fortune Isn’t in the Follow-up After All

The common scenario goes something like this: You meet with prospective clients. You seem to really hit it off. You email them a thank you after the meeting and expect to hear back pretty immediately. But you don’t hear back

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Photo by Alison Howard

My 2015 Review :: What Worked & What Didn’t

What a year 2015 has been.  One word comes to mind when I reflect on the past year: BRUTALFUL.  The past 12 months have been equal parts brutal and beautiful resulting in so much more refining that I signed on

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ROCK Your Scopes With These Gadgets

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for tuning in to my broadcast on Periscope today!  Here is my NO FLUFF list of gadgets I purchased from Amazon that are going to make my broadcasts so much better!  I hope they help

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30 Day Periscope Challenge

If you’ve been paying attention you know that Periscope (the new live broadcasting app created by Twitter) is all the rage!  Everyone is curious about Periscope but I have been sensing a good amount of hesitation around actually getting out

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The Obvious but OVERLOOKED Thing Missing From Your Business

I get it.  We all want to grow wildly successful businesses.  We spend countless hours per day thinking about how we can do better, be better than the next guy, attract better clients and make more money. We want to

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Wedding Planner OR Personal Assistant?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am your wedding planner, not your personal assistant”?  I would guess that nearly every wedding planner has had this thought cross their minds at some point in their career. Earlier this week I

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