I loaded up three kids and a weeks worth of luggage into our Odyssey and geared up for the 6 hour drive up to Central CA, where my quaint little hometown of Hanford is comfortably nestled between cornfields and dairy farms.  I was having to make our yearly summer trek sans the hubby, who was out of town for work.  FANTASTIC.  I securely attached my Super Woman cape and we were off.

Every summer we spend Fourth of July week in Hanford.  Its the perfect time for a mid-year visit with our Central Cal family and honestly, celebrating the 4th in San Diego just is not super fun for me – especially if you grew up playing with sparklers and watching your Dad concoct his own fireworks show in the backyard (fireworks are legal there, unlike here in San Diego).  Plus, I don’t do huge crowds and waiting for hours and hours for a 20-minute fireworks show (or in this years case, an 18-second show, as a software malfunction shot of 20 minutes worth of fireworks in 18 seconds!!). Its just not my thing.  Unless we owned a super fly boat, like this:

Then I would definitely watch fireworks from the San Diego bay.

Minor digression…

Visiting our hometown always results in a tons of fun (staying up till all hours playing games, long talks over coffee, impromptu karaoke) laced with undeniable melancholy.  Mark and I met our freshman year in high school, so there is a certain nostalgia about being back in the place where we fell in love.  Also, our parents and siblings all live in Hanford, so that too causes us to love that little town immensely.  If we didn’t love to breathe clean air, eat organically, and enjoy the outdoors so much (Hanford gets into 100’s), we’d definitely consider moving back!  ;)

Here are a few photos from our trip…

My sweet nephew, Owen. Love this little guy!


My Dad and I.


A lot of time was spent poolside. Ahhh!


The kids had a blast!


My sisters and I didn’t manage to take a photo together but our hubby’s did!


Even had time to coordinate a wedding! Congrats to my bestie from college!! xo


Mark & I at Carrissa & Philip’s wedding.


The kids and their sparklers!

Mom and her grandkids.

Happy Friday!! xo