Lindsay and I met when we were in the 7th grade at a mutual friends 13th birthday slumber party.  Our mutual friend was actually my best friend at the time, and Lindsay’s best friend at the time as well.  Since Lindsay attended a different junior high school, our paths hadn’t crossed before.  I had always been known for being a bit of a ham, telling funny stories, acting goofy, dancing and being theatrical.  But enter Lindsay and her backhand springs, tumbling all over our friends living room, impressing everyone waaaay more than I ever had, and Lindsay became the official entertainer of the party.  All I remember from that party is that it quickly became a competition between Lindsay and I to impress our mutual bestie – think Bridesmaids and you’ve pretty much got it.

Lindsay ended up attending my junior high in 8th grade and as fate would have it, we ended up becoming best friends – a friendship that would only grow stronger during our formidable high school years.  Linds even introduced me to my husband our freshman year in high school.  We were college roommates, she was in my wedding, she met each of my kids within days of their births, evening flying cross-country the day after I had my first daughter.  We have shared the past 17 years of life together and she knows me better than most.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when shortly after she was engaged to the ever-charming and wonderful Mike, they would be moving to San Diego!  Eeeeekkkk!!  My bff was going to be living only 20 minutes from me AND we had a wedding to plan!  I was so excited when Mike and Linds decided on a San Diego wedding!

Here are a few of Mike and Lindsay’s gorgeous engagement photos by Brett and Emily Photographers

p.s. In true best friend fashion, Linds didn’t like that white quarter-sleeved sweater in the first few pics, so now I have it and I let her borrow my silver circle bracelet.  Love you, Linds (& Mike too)!  :-)