Hi blogging world, this is Mark, Alison’s husband. I’m hijacking Alison’s blog today to wish her a Happy Birthday and to share with you why this woman is so special to me.

For those of you who don’t know, I met Alison when we were both in high school and snagged her before she knew any better. I’ve had the opportunity of celebrating the past 16 birthday’s with her (wow, that makes us sound old) and I’ve been able to witness firsthand how Alison has grown from the cute girl in our AP Language class who I couldn’t wait to kiss into the beautiful mother of our three children who I still can’t wait to wake up to every morning.

Alison has always been ambitious and she has always known what she wants. I’m just gonna say that it takes a really secure man to be with a woman like that. ;-) But I’ve always believed in her and so supporting her has never been difficult. Watching her run her business while also being a great wife, a nurturing mom, an awesome cook (she knows she can convince me of anything when she makes me her enchiladas), a great friend, and my cheerleader leaves me feeling very thankful and very proud.

Mrs. Howard – you obviously mean the world to me. I’m so blessed to be celebrating your birthday with you for the sixteenth time. I love you, Alie.


photo by Quinn LaCasse Photography