Today my sweet husband, Mark, turns the big 3-0….and…I left this morning for a luxury wedding summit in Las Vegas.  Now before you give me the award for slacker-wife-of-the-year, Mark insisted that I attend.  No really, he did!  I attended last year and it took me and my business to a whole other level.  It was so beneficial and I learned so much about myself and how I want my business to look and feel to prospective clients.  It was the last kick in the arse that I needed to push me to rebrand my business and really own who I am and what I do.  Attending this year is like a celebration for a year of extremely hard work in getting my business to where its at today.

Luckily for me, God has blessed me with a man like Mark who fully supports me – even if that means leaving him on his 30th birthday with three kids for four days.  Okay, now that I put that in writing I do sound like a good candidate for the aforementioned award.  But in my defense, I took Mark out for a really nice dinner Friday at Burlap, a Brian Malarkey (from Top Chef) restaurant that I had heard great things about.  It was SO good and we had a great time!  The atmosphere was “Asian Cowboy” and the food reflected that vibe.  Below are some pics from our celebration.

I’ll be in Vegas until Thursday and will try to both blog and vlog while here, but no promises.  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you want to know what I’m up to.  :)


Per our servers request, I got this deliciously refreshing cucumber and wasabi martini.  It was great and thankfully there was no trace of wasabi – not my thing.

Mark ordered the “Angry Fish” which is the most popular entree on the menu.  This thing was so ridiculous.  Luckily my Portuguese heritage set us up for success in tearing this bad boy apart.  Thanks, Dad!

Mark insisted he get a shot of me and my less adventurous food.  Delish!

Happy Birthday, my love!  Here’s to many many more!!!