You have no idea how good it feels to compose this first post on my new blog with my business rebranded – it feels like Christmas!  Over a year of work, thought, and time has gone into this process and I am so excited to finally find myself at the completion of it.

I have learned so much during the past year about myself, my clients, and about the wedding industry as a whole.  I am even more excited about what I do and more grateful to the amazingly creative people that I have the pleasure of working with every day!

I need to express gratitude to the key people who helped me get to this point:

First, to Lara Casey – You kick-started this entire re-branding process, causing me to think differently about my brand than I ever had before.  Thank you for your insight, encouragement, and support.  You have taught me so much.

Liz Grant – My amazing graphic designer!  Thank you so much for putting up with my occasional craziness!  You gave my vision a pulse through your designs and I feel like my online presence is a genuine reflection of my heart.  I couldn’t have arrived to this place without you.  I am so very grateful.

4120 Productions – My video is AMAZING!  Thank you so much for your creativity, patience, and introducing me to SmashBurger.  I honestly cannot wait to work with you guys again.  You rock!

Tim King – Thank you for pushing me to authentically and unashamedly put myself out there.  Thank you for challenging me to think outside of the box.  Thank you for making me believe that I can dream big.  

Jasmine Star – Although you are completely unaware of your presence in this process, you were there.  You inspire me.

To Mark – Words cannot express how deeply thankful I am that God placed you in my life so long ago, when we were silly teenagers.  You have always unwaveringly walked beside me, supported my dreams, and believed in my crazy notions.  You have been the one who has talked me down from the proverbial ledge when those crazy notions didn’t quite work out.  Thank you for being my best friend, my biggest fan, and my scrambled-egg maker.  None of this would have been possible without you.  I love you.

And to everyone else who has supported me and encouraged me along the way: THANK YOU!  I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.  I love you all.

So excited for what’s to come…