Hi everyone!  Its Wednesday and that means its time for a video from yours truly! :)

In today’s video I answer Alexandra’s question about skipping the bouquet toss at her wedding.  Get ready for a mini-history lesson on the origins of the bouquet toss as well as a mini super-bowl-worthy performance from me.  (I kid.)

Side note: I am often teased for the way I pronounce bouquet.  I say BOO-Kay while most say BOW-Kay.  Am I alone here?!

Of course I had to include a photo of my own bouquet toss!  I was the first of all my friends and most my cousins to get married so I definitely had a bouquet toss but I was in my early 20’s, so there were a lot of single ladies at my wedding.

Circa 2002.

Did you skip your bouquet toss or are you planning to?  I’d love to know!