Can you get a babysitter tonight?  Mark had called me at lunch to see how the new website launch was going.  I picked at the last pieces of my salad as my mind wandered about what he was up to.  Ummm…I could try.  But its kind of last minute.
Well try! he said excitedly.  I want to take you out tonight to celebrate!

Now let me explain something about Mark.  He is one of those annoying wonderful people who is utterly good.  Like down to the core, I-never-drive-faster-than-the-speed-limit, I-never-modify-my-meals-when-I-order-food, I-never-leave-Trader-Joe’s-with-that-unpaid-gallon-of-Horizon-milk-that-the-checker-forgot-to-ring-up good (I’m guilty of all three; Mark made me take back the milk when we he realized the blunder in the parking lot, to which I feigned shock).  I, on the other hand, can be a little more mischevious.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m good.  I vote.  I don’t litter.  I support our local organic farmers. But I also have a little bit of an edge to me that usually only Mark or my closest peeps get the pleasure of witnessing.  But Mark, he’s typically just nice all the time. After nearly ten years of marriage, I still think really highly of him.

Mark and I left our cozy San Diego bungalow for dinner and it quickly became apparent where he was taking me as we drove the familiar route to my favorite sushi restaurant.  Mark doesn’t like sushi.  He brings me here solely because I love sushi.  He always orders the bulgogi or yakisoba, which he doesn’t even really like either.  See…he’s so good!  The sweetness of this is never lost on me.

As I sat there savoring every bite of my snow crab roll,  Mark sat there savoring every word about my day… the feedback I received on the launch of my new brand… my goals… my dreams…  He asked question after question and we both smiled as we looked over all the Facebook comments and Tweets the launch had produced, feeling both accomplished and relieved.

After we finished dinner, we drove to the mall to window shop and grab coffee.  Mark surprised me by pulling me into the sunglasses store to try on glasses “for fun”, he had said as he grabbed my hand.  I was surprised because Mark knows I’m not really into designer glasses.  After losing a pair of $300 Roberto Cavalli glasses to the Pacific Ocean a few years ago I swore through tears that I would never buy glasses that were more than $30.  And I haven’t.  Target has won all my eyewear business ever since.  Oddly enough though, I’ve never lost a pair of the Target glasses.

After casually trying on a few pairs of glasses I gasped as I came to these gorgeous black Versace glasses.
Ohmygosh, I love these!  They complimented my face to a T, but did not compliment my pocketbook nearly as nicely – whoa Nelly! – I was not in Target anymore.

Mark gave me a big smile.  I’m getting them for you, he declared.  In celebration of your big launch today!  You should have a nice pair of glasses. 

He’s so good.  And I am so lucky.