Mark and I love to support organic farmers and restaurants that focus on healthy living, so when we heard about True Food Kitchen here in San Diego, we had to visit.  This new restaurant is all about clean eating and boasts that healthy eating feels good AND tastes good.  The menu is filled with several organic options (along with vegetarian and vegan items) and we were not disappointed.  I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I love good food.  If its organic, I love it even more.

The vibe when we walked up was urban and cool.  I was wishing I had worn a slouchy tank, skinny jeans, Toms, a long hemp bag, and my hair up in a loose messy bun.  Kinda like this…

Anyways….digressing here…  How cute is their herb and vegetable garden display in little vintage tubs?!  LOVED this and would love to incorporate this into a wedding.  (Urban chic girls…holla!!!)  Bear in mind that I’m not a professional photographer and the photos below were taken with my iPhone. ; )

When we walked into the restaurant fresh apple cinnamon water (made with organic apples, of course) was displayed.  I love little details.  Pretty thoughtful.

Fresh plants were everywhere.  Did you know that you’re supposed to have one live plant per every 15 square feet of indoor space?  Your random piece of info for the day.  ; )

We started with the caramelized onion tart, which was so dang amazing I can’t possibly do it justice by describing it (and I didn’t get a picture of it – dangit).  But it was a thin layer of pizza-like dough topped with gorgonzola cheese, figs, and caramelized onions.  It doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as it was.  Try it.  Then thank me.

Mark and I have a rule when we eat out: We can’t order the same meal.  If we end up wanting the same thing, we split it and split a salad or appetizer to go with it.  Of course we both wanted the sea bass with vegetables.  I had to veto the rule, wanting the sea bass to myself, but promised Mark as many bites as he wanted (he only took two. Now that’s true love.).  He couldn’t bear to order the same thing, so he opted for the buffalo burger with sweet potatoes and kale instead, which ended up being a stellar runner-up to the sea bass.

I’ve been thinking about that sea bass all week.

Dinner was followed by a trip to Jimmy Choo.  I’m in the market for some new work shoes and if I have to wear flats on the job, they ought to be stylish.  But Jimmy, I have to save a few more pennies before I can splurge.

Happy Friday!