Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m not really sure if this is trending in weddings – but it should be!  I first heard about Birchbox from Ashley, Mark’s beautiful cousin, who I consider to be very stylish and in the know.  At the time I thought: this would make for a great blog post!   Now that several of my friends are signing up for it (yes, I will be too) and raving about it, I thought I would share how it works with you. : )

So here’s the skinny:  You set up your profile, pay $10 a month, and BIRCHBOX sends you the best beauty and lifestyle products to sample that are specific to your style and preferences.  They also provide you with great tips from top beauty and lifestyle experts.  If you buy the products that you fall in love with, you earn points that can be used toward more products.

How this applies to weddings?  I personally think that this could be a great alternative to traditional bridesmaids gifts (or groomsman gifts – yes, they have Birchbox for men!).  Instead of jewelry or a pashmina for the girls, and monogrammed flasks or money clips for the guys, pay for a membership for any length that fits your budget, be it 3 months, 6 months, or even a full year.  If I were a bridesmaid, I would love a gift like that because its the gift that keeps coming, with new and exciting products to look forward to each month.  So fun!