I was recently asked by one of my couples if I have ever had a not-so-great experience with previous clients before.  My answer to them was yes, I’ve had one (and only one) less-than-wonderful experience, but not since my first year as a professional wedding planner.

That first year I was so dang excited to finally be PAID for my time, talents, and services that I said yes to anyone who wanted to hire me as their wedding planner.  Luckily for me, most of my 10 clients that first year were awesome.  Except for one.  I was kind and kept things professional but man oh man we just did NOT click.  I quickly realized that no amount of money would have made that year of planning their wedding more enjoyable.

I learned a valuable lesson my first year in business (actually, I learned about 123 valuable lessons my first year in business): If I do not click with the people sitting across from me at the initial meeting and can’t imagine ever wanting to be their friends, I will not book them.  This is not just to benefit me, but also to benefit them; they deserve the best planning experience possible regardless of whether I’m their planner or not.  I refer them to someone who I think they would work really well with and its a win/win for all involved.

Does this happen often?  No.  My personality and character are made pretty clear on my website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and I’ve put myself out there to save us both time.  Prospective clients visit the website, read the blog, see the videos and they are able to determine right off the bat whether or not they like me (because its a mutual thing, you know).  If they do, odds are that I like them too…and we skip off into the proverbial wedding planning sunset while holding hands, all BFF like.

For me, being a wedding planner is about SO much more than simply planning and coordinating beautiful weddings for fabulous people.  Its about really understanding who I represent, advocating for them, alleviating their stresses and worries, and ushering them into one of most significant moments of their life.  All of this takes time, and personally, I only want to spend my time with people I like.  As a result, I have never received a bad review (not even from the unpleasant bride in my rookie year) and I’m dang proud of this.

So go out there and be you, put your unique personality all over your online social media and marketing, and I promise you will attract the best clients to work with.