Brittany and Sergio are one of those couples that makes you believe in true love.  The way he looks at her, the way she speaks softly and sweetly to him… These two just ooze love.

When Brittany asked me to help her with her wedding I was elated, not only because I obviously love weddings, but also because Brittany is my friend (and at the time she was also my intern) and I wanted she and Sergio to have an amazing wedding day.  When they asked me if I would actually MARRY them – I was floored, honored, excited.  I had never officiated a ceremony and I was just plain touched that they chose me to do the honors.

Brit and Serg incorporated aspects of her Native American background into their ceremony, which added a very special and intimate dynamic to their wedding day.  Prior to the ceremony, Brittany’s father walked the parameter of the wedding site at the Temecula Creek Inn, a bundle of burning sage in hand, to cleanse the area.  He also began the wedding ceremony with traditional Native American practices that were especially touching to witness.  Afterwards, I took my place in front of Brit and Serg and married them.  Everything about this couple and this wedding touched me and I felt truly honored to both help plan it and to be a part of it.

Guests were invited to sign the wine bottles that were each labeled with a year.  Brit and Serg will open a bottle of wine and enjoy the well-wishes from friends and family each year for ten years.  Such a cute idea!

Creative Team:
Photographer – Brett & Emily Photographers
Cinematographer – Ashley Video Productions
Florist – Tessfresh Flowers
Music – DJ Vynce Pham