Hello friends!

As promised, an update on the latest…

First, we had such a fantastic wedding season!   It all started in April and officially ends next month with a gorgeous wedding between two super sweet lovebirds (he’s an Oakland A’s ball player and she’s a San Diego Chargers cheerleader – I might have to get a few autographs!).  To say that this years couples were amazing is a major understatement.  I’m not exaggerating either and I never take for granted how blessed I am to work with the people I do.

[Side note: This is the beauty of branding – if you’re an entrepreneur, do your branding work so that you are attracting the right type of clients and I promise, you will LOVE your job.]

So with wedding season winding down its time for me focus on the exciting changes that are happening within my business.  I’ll be honest, change and I are not best friends (although we’re far from enemies).  I think most of us avoid change because its uncomfortable.  There is a possibility of failure, which no one wants to experience, and then there is a possibility of success, which means even more responsibility.  But that’s how growth works.  And I knew at some point I’d be right where I am.

Two big changes on the horizon come in the form of workshops for aspiring and novice wedding planners (more to come on that) and speaking engagements for my fellow wedding industry peers.  Let me just state that I am beyond excited for both!  Years and years of hard work and preparation have lead me to these current opportunities and I am seriously thrilled.  Let me also state that of course I am nervous as well.  Although my videos reach thousands and although I’m (fairly) comfortable on stage, there are always the ‘what-if’s’ that come to mind….What if I trip or fall? (Seriously, this is a fear!)  What if I accidentally say something incredibly embarrassing?  What if I’m not well-received?  

At some point though, the pure and deep joy of sharing my personal experience as a wedding planner and entrepreneur, and helping others increase confidence and advance their own businesses, totally trumps all my personal fears and insecurities (and I’ve invested in a kick-ass pair of flats, so there’s that too).

It so ironic how things work, because as I began coaching aspiring and new wedding planners this year it was I who learned SO much (I know, I know…totally cliché – but still true).  I was able to coach six amazing women this year who shared with me their own personal struggles, fears, insecurities, failures, along with their hope of what they could achieve within their businesses.  To say they reignited my love for sharing what I do doesn’t do it justice.  Ultimately, my time working with them is the inspiration for my workshops next year.

And the speaking engagements coming up here and here?  I mean…c’mon, sharing my love of video and how to use it and your personality as part of your marketing efforts – that is a topic I’m extremely passionate about as it has totally transformed my business in a matter of a few years!

So that is the short version, as I could seriously write a novel about what I’ve learned this past year – and it ain’t over yet!  I hope you all are well and making plans now for how you will take something in your life – be it your business, your health, your marriage/relationships, your friendships, etc. – to the next level.  Don’t wait for January to hit.  Make a plan now so that you are ready to start 2014 strong!

Love to you all!