Hi y’all!

Today is Wednesday and a couple people have asked why there is no video posted.  So here’s the deal – I almost didn’t post today’s video because it scares me a little.

You have shown so much love for my videos and so many of you have shared that you really love the outtakes, so the team and I thought it might be fun to do a little more improv and a little less scripted content here and there.  This honestly terrifies me because scripted is safe.  Edited.  Poised.  Improv is….well…kinda messy and imperfect and you know I like to be put together.  This also terrifies me because of the very embarrassing syndrome that I suffer from.  And yes, it did show up in this video.

But in the name of authenticity I am putting this video out there.  Love it or hate it, its me (please, please, please love it).