The Story

Lauren and I first met over a cup of coffee last September and hit it off immediately.  I was actually really nervous about our meeting because she was the first potential client that I met with after my business rebrand last year and in many ways hitting the restart button professionally left me feeling like I did when I first ventured into the world as an entrepreneur several years prior – like a rookie.  Although I had a summer full of weddings, one of which I had just done the weekend before meeting Lauren, I still felt a little nervous.

The meeting went perfectly, Lauren was exactly the type of client I’d hoped my new brand would attract, and receiving a text from her on my way home from our meeting to say that I was the perfect person to plan her wedding literally brought me to tears.  Its so exciting and humbling when someone chooses me to lead them along their wedding planning journey.

Lauren and I became fast friends and the planning process was smooth from the start.  Over our shared love of red wine and gourmet breakfasts (not at the same time; we may have to amend that, LO) and countless meetings with amazing professionals we planned her wedding over the next 8 months.

Eric (who Lauren loving referred to as the “phantom fiance”) was in the middle of a busy work season and willingly gave the wedding-planning reins over to Lauren.  When I finally did meet Eric, it was easy to see why they were so perfect for each other.  Lauren is outspoken and bold, Eric is quietly reassuring and calm.  He makes her laugh with his wit and takes comfort in her decisiveness.  And they are just dang fun to be around.

No, we didn’t forget to put the water hose away.  It was actually a piece of the “art” the museum was featuring (and it killed me not being allowed to move it).

Gorgeous images by Limelife Photography.  Ceremony and reception details to come next week….