A few months back a Facebook friends posted a link for a documentary called “My Last Days” about a pretty amazing 17 year old named Zach Sobiech from Minnesota. I watched the documentary and was so deeply moved that I decided to reach out to the director/filmmaker of the documentary.  He and I (and his beautiful fiancé, Emily) have become friends over the past two months. Coincidentally, Justin and Em were engaged at the time and I’ve helped them plan their wedding. Today is their big day and I am so excited to be here with them.

This wedding is so wrapped in love. Love so big that everyone has made my team and I feel like family (seriously, hugs galore). Love so big that it overshadows the fact that we have met several of Justin and Emily’s celebrity friends. Love so big that it was more important to Justin and Em to fly all of Zach’s family (Zach passed away in May) to CA for their wedding than to splurge on wedding decor.

This wedding looks nothing like my opulent wedding last weekend but it is so much more beautiful than any other wedding I’ve ever been a part of because of who these people are and how they live their lives. Loving whole-heartedly and selflessly is the more beautiful than anything else in the world.

Go watch Justin’s documentary (we’re watching it now as I write this) and be inspired.  Then go listen to Zach’s song, recorded by Jason Mraz.