Most people don’t know this about me but to some degree, I am literally afraid every single day.  My big dreams scare me. My goals scare me.  Being judged by people who think, “Who does she think she is?” scares me.

But at some point, if you want to be successful in life and business and really do what you were created to do, you accept the fear and use it as propulsion; you see the big goals and take steps towards them; you learn to be okay with the critics and cynics who don’t believe in you or simply just don’t like you.  Its a process and for many fear of not succeeding keeps them from even trying, which is such a pity!  So much amazing talent out there that we have yet to see due to fear.

I was emailed recently by aspiring wedding planner, Ariadna, who is dealing with fear as she starts her business.  In this video I share my thoughts on the subject.

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you are created to do and being who you were made to be.

Love to you all!