Dear Brides,

Not long ago my husband took me out on a very fancy date to Donovan’s – one of the best restaurants in San Diego.  This is the kind of restaurant where the servers are in tuxedos and there is caviar on the menu.  We both knew that we would pay more for the meal and wine we ordered than if we had opted to go to some place like Outback Steakhouse.  But we were okay with that.  Why?  As consumers, we know that the high-end restaurant has earned its reputation by employing amazingly talented Chefs, using the freshest ingredients, and producing the best customer experience.  Just like the old adage states: “You get what you pay for”.  And boy did we.

As a bride, you are searching for the best vendors that you can afford to create the most memorable wedding you can create.  When you see a vendor, such as a photographer, who is priced considerably higher than the other photographers you’ve been researching, it may be easy for you to think, “Jeeze!  They are so overpriced”.  I urge you to consider why their services cost more.

In most cases, that “overpriced” photographer (or videographer, florist, wedding planner, officiant, etc.) has spent years perfecting his/her craft.  They have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars attending workshops, seminars, and business development retreats.  They have learned how to improve and perfect their skills and how best to market it so that it reaches you.  They have worked dozens upon dozens of events (with modest pay) so that they could build a solid portfolio and become the expert they are today.  And finally, after all the years and passion and hard work they have invested, they find that it has all paid off – they are in high demand and their prices increase.  The cost of their service is based not only on the time they will spend working with you, but also based on all the  years of experience and education invested into their business.  It doesn’t stop there though, because these “overpriced” professionals continue to invest in even better workshops, seminars, and business development retreats.  They continue to improve their skills and your client experience because now there is an expectation.  They have set the bar.

Brides – I share this with you because I want you to understand that (in most cases) the vendor who is priced above the rest is not greedy or selfish.  They aren’t putting out a mediocre product and/or service and attaching an unfair price tag to it.  That person has worked hard to cultivate a sustainable business and a respectable brand and has earned the right to increase pricing based on supply and demand.

If you are on a budget (and believe me – we’ve all been there) and cannot afford to dine at Donovan’s, that doesn’t mean that Donovan’s is overpriced.  It simply means that Donovan’s is out of your price range.  My best advice to you is to find a wedding planner and have her maximize your dollars by referring you to the best vendors that fit within your budget.