Pat and April made an immediate impression on me that first time we met.  She was fiery and he was laid back.  She was vibrant and lively and when he looked at her you could see the adoration on his face.  I loved sitting there at our initial meeting, observing how they related to one another as they relayed the story of how they met and how he proposed.  I love how they laughed at the same parts and completed each others sentences.  I love how April – with all her sass – would correct Pat and how he was securely okay with that.  Their mutual ease was evident, their full acceptance of each other apparent, and when they laughed together I knew they were the perfect match.

Pat and April hired me as their wedding planner a good 18 months prior to their wedding.  April works as a busy psychologist and at the time, Pat was studying for the bar exam (he passed).  They knew they didn’t have time to plan every detail of their wedding and that was where I had the pleasure of stepping in.  I loved working with them and loved that April shared my same appreciation for hot pink and a good glass of cab. : )

It was no surprise that April wanted a vibrant wedding and that is just what she and Pat had.

The fabulous Bethel Nathan officiated and was amazing!

I have to say, best dancers I’ve seen in a long time!

I’m so blessed to help awesome people like Pat and April have the best wedding possible.

Lovely photos provided by Photography by Chana and Don.

Happy Monday!