Today I am so excited to feature a guest post from the AH-MAZING Beau-coup Favors, who’s unique and classy favors rock my world! I especially loved this and this. Speaking of unique, check out the awesome post below written by the team at Beau-coup Favors from the perspective of the 1920’s-loving bride who’s wedding theme is the Roaring Twenties. Enjoy!

The year was 2013, and the Roaring 20s wedding theme was the cat’s pajamas. Everywhere, dames and their fellas were getting ready to put on the ritz and tie the knot.

I was ready to plan my own swanky affair. I did my research and got some lovely ideas. There was only one problem, as I found out…

I had the dress. I had the décor. I had the food, and of course I had plenty of peacock feathers. I just needed favors in the worst way.

I’ll level with ya, at first trying to find the right favors was putting me on edge. I couldn’t decide if Downton Abbey with all of its British formality and elegance was right for me. I could definitely see myself holding high tea with my bridesmaids, wearing pearls and sipping fancy wedding tea.

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But in the end, I found myself drawn toward the more indulgent Great Gatsby-esque spirit of the theme. My beau, my girls, and I got all dolled up and spent the day living the high life complete with plenty of glamor, glitz, and fun!

Baby, my wedding was the bee’s knees! Everyone dressed as flappers and dapper daddies in colorful zoot suits. We wore our pearls and feathers and headbands, and ate at a table set with the finest china and crystal. All my guests absolutely adored the bejeweled antique place card holders.

After a night of Vaudeville-style performances and plenty of jazz, I made sure to send everyone home with beautiful pearl handle favor bags. All I heard was how nifty everything was, and how much fun my guests had at our joint.

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My fella and I are happy. My wedding guests had fun jumping and jiving. I’m so glad we decided have a hotsy-totsy ‘20s-themed wedding.

How about you? Any dames out there plan themselves a fancy themed wedding? How did you pull it off in style?