Jesse & Becky Morquecho

I recently met Jesse & Becky Morquecho of LIMELIFE Photography and quickly fell in love with them.  Actually, I crushed on them via their fun and fresh website for a few weeks THEN fell in love with them when we met for coffee last month.  They were so easy to talk to, down-to-earth, funny, and I immediately knew that our coffee date would be the start of a great friendship.  Their work is gorgeous and solid (as you’ll see below), and in an effort to get to know Jesse & Becky better, I had a little Q&A session with them that I thought you’d enjoy, followed by some of their favorite images:

{Alison}: How long have you been photographers?
{Jesse}: Since I was 16, when I got my first camera.
{Becky}: Socially, since high school. Professionally, since 2006. Limelife-ly, since 2009.

{Alison}: What lead you to start your business?
{J&B}: We were just moving back to the States after meeting and falling in love and shooting a lot together in South Africa. We had a fresh start and knew starting a photography business would give us an opportunity to do something we’re passionate about and lead us to meet extraordinary people along the way.

{Alison}: As a husband and wife team, what is the best thing about working together?
{J&B}: We LOVE being able to relate to our clients. We may be rookies in the marriage field (it’s only been 2.5 years), but we’ve been through a lot of what our clients are currently going through in the planning process and their relationships. It’s so great being able to listen to and laugh with and encourage them and help them remember this exciting time.

{Alison}: Besides engagement shoots, what else do you photograph (i.e. newborns, families, etc.)?
{J&B}: Although we focus on weddings and engagement sessions, we also photograph families and do some commercial work for non-profits like United Way.

{Alison}: What inspires you (in photography & elsewhere)?
{Jesse}: People’s stories. Personality. Color. Feel-good movies.
{Becky}: Emotion. Color. Texture. Selflessness. The underdog.

{Alison}: What is your photographic style?
{J&B}: Modern, vibrant, soulful, fun, fresh, REAL.

{Alison}: Do you help clients scout out photography session locations?
{J&B}: We get to know our clients as much as possible. Through that process, we learn their likes, styles, etc. We find out where they like to hang out, things they do for fun and places that are meaningful to them. After all that, our clients often discover their own ideas. We also offer up our ideas, specific and unique to each client and couple.

{Alison}: What is your favorite thing about being photographers?
{Jesse}: Getting to meet and work with so many different people on such a personal level.
{Becky}: Experiencing life through all sorts of perspectives. Finding art and joy in the littlest things.

{Alison}: Regarding weddings, what do you think every soon-to-be-married couple should know when choosing their photographer?
{J&B}: You spend a decent amount of time with your photographers on your wedding day. So, it’s very important that you not only trust them, but that you really like them!

{Alison}: How soon after photographing a wedding do your clients receive their wedding images?
{J&B}: Our contract says 60 days. But, let’s just say our clients very often get surprise emails in their inbox as they’re getting home from their honeymoons.

{Alison}: Why do you love what you do?
{J&B}: Because it’s what we feel we should be doing in life. It makes us happy and it makes a lot of other people happy along the way.

“Love the warm, golden light, the real emotion and excitement and the sense of location.”

“It’s adorable and funny. Shows just a few seconds of the day from a totally different perspective.”

“Love how content and peaceful she seems. And the gorgeous warm light.”

“Shows something fun and conceptualized. Modern clean lines.”

“Shows their personalities, something they enjoy together. It’s fun and light-hearted and happy.”

“It’s romantic. Full of love and magic.”

“A totally different perspective that gives a sense of a personal moment and brings in happy colors at the same time.”

“Love the whole scene: their expressions and the reflective lake.”

“Love the excitement in this photo right after the ceremony. High energy of an enthusiastic congratulations.”

“Modern perspective of a bridal portrait. The dress is like a delicious cupcake and the bride is just gorgeous.”

Get to know Jesse & Becky better here: