I have to be honest and say that one of the most intimidating things about my job used to be befriending other wedding planners.  When I was just beginning my business and attending networking events and soirées for wedding planners I remember feeling like I did freshman year in high school.  Basically like a complete dork.  I was afraid to talk too much because, at times, I am plagued by “Michael Scott” syndrome (yes, I just made that up), where I open my mouth and a whole lotta stupid rolls out and I look like a fool.  Believe me, this has happened once or twice (or more).  But over the years making connections with other wedding planners has become easier as I’ve become more mature in my business and more established in general.

Networking with and attempting to befriend your competition is tough, but SO necessary!  Check out today’s video where I share one specific instance (out of several) where I’ve needed to turn to another wedding planner professional.  Its quite dramatic.

Happy Wednesday!