Choosing the right photographer to capture you and your groom and all your little details on your wedding day is no small task.  Not only should your photographer be skilled at what they do, but since you will be spending a considerable amount of time with them on your wedding day, they should just be awesome in general.  I always advise my couples to choose a creative team (photographer, filmmaker, musician/DJ, etc.) that they click with.  If your creative team understands your wedding vision and you LIKE them, your wedding day will be that much more amazing!

When choosing your photographer remember to keep these 3 things in mind:

1. LOVE THE IMAGES: Usually, stellar images are the first thing that draws a couple to a particular photographer.  If  you find yourself spending a good chunk of time on a photographers website/blog clicking through all the galleries, that’s a good sign!  You want to love their past work and their photographic style.  Trust your gut.  If you love image after image and you’re left feeling excited and inspired, you may have found the photographer for you!

2. LIKE THE PERSON BEHIND THE LENS: As I said earlier, clicking with your photographer is so important!  It can be uncomfortable to strike a pose when you’re not used to being the center of attention. You want to work with a photographer who has a fun, easygoing personality.   Take some time to check out their blog, their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…get to know the person behind the lens to truly appreciate who they are and what they do.  This will help you find commonalities or possible personality clashes.

3. STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET: As a wedding planner, I spend a good amount of time getting to know my couples and learning about their own personal style.  This makes it easy for me to recommend photographers that I think they would love, who also happen to be within their budget.  Wedding photography is such an impacted industry and there are thousands of photographers to choose from.  Narrowing things down for my couples always results in relief! If you choose not to have a wedding planner (but you wouldn’t do that ; -), finding a photographer whose images you love, who has an awesome personality, who is also within your budget is going to take you some time and a lot of research.

Hope these tips have helped!