For the past several years I have consistently been receiving emails from aspiring and new wedding planners.  Most ask if we can meet for coffee or have a phone conversation so they can “pick my brain”.  Because I empathize with their passion and hunger for knowledge (I was once in their shoes after all) and because I sincerely do want to support the dreams of others, I would find myself trying to accommodate.  If my schedule didn’t allow for a coffee date or phone meeting, I would respond with an email that pointed them in the right direction.  Typically a few emails would ensue and before I knew it I was informally coaching/mentoring these aspiring/new wedding planners.

Lately though, while the inquiries to pick my brain has increased, my time to respond to everyone at length has decreased. I truly wish that I had the flexibility to meet people all the time for coffee and help everyone out, but that just isn’t practical or realistic (oh if only there were two of me!). ; )

But alas, a solution for all the brain-pickers…

After much thought and several requests, I am now offering a limited amount of coaching sessions occasionally throughout the year (as my schedule permits).  I am so excited about this new adventure and have already started coaching two aspiring wedding planners.  I have a passion for mentoring and seeing others succeed so this is a very natural fit.  Plus, I’ve worked one-on-one with a fantastic business development coach in the past so I know firsthand exactly what goes into the process and how absolutely beneficial it is.

This is what I love about being an entrepreneur; there is always a new goal, a new way to inspire and help others, a new opportunity to grow and expand (personally and professionally).

Cheers to a new adventure!