Hi friends!

If you have been following me via social media for a while or if you are close to me in my personal life then you know I have an affinity for video.  Don’t get me wrong, I also really enjoy reading, I follow several awesome blogs, and am devouring three books concurrently (yes, one of them IS Nicholas Sparks’ new novel) because that’s just how I roll (or I have ADD, not sure which).  But there is something so engaging and vulnerable about video.  It’s hard to hide who you are in front of the camera.

Ian (my video editor) is pretty rad.

I share this with you because using video in my business has been one of the most beneficial things I’ve done in terms of growth and my bottom line.  If you’re an entrepreneur and you aren’t incorporating video into your business in some way, you MUST.  I’m serious.  Must.  By 2015 (next year!), 90% of all online traffic will be driven by video.  That.Is.HUGE.  With video dominating the internet, there is literally no excuse not to incorporate video into your marketing plan in some way.  You have to get comfortable with it at some point, my friends.  In my opinion, these are the top two reasons why:

1) Video Showcases Your Personality
As a competent entrepreneur who provides a service versus a product, video allows me to showcase my personality, which I believe is our greatest differentiator amongst others in the industry.  I am  a really good wedding planner.  But there are about 200 other really good wedding planners in Southern CA. Video allows prospective clients and fellow creatives professionals in the wedding industry to get to know me prior to ever meeting me.  Either they love me or they don’t, and that is a great thing!  Which leads me to point #2….

2) Video Helps You Attract the Right Clientele 
Once you are using video in your business on a regular basis and you are showcasing your personality and knowledge, you will notice that the people who get you will stick around.  Video narrows your funnel and attracts people who are similar to you in personality while repelling those who aren’t.  This is a BLESSING!  This saves you time.  One of my favorite books about attracting the right clientele is Tribes by Seth Godin.  Add that one to your 2014 reading list.

Four years ago I incorporated video into my marketing plan and it’s changed everything for me. I’ll tell you how, and even share some clips of my early videos to make you feel better about starting out!  Join me March 18 and 19 at my workshop, REFINE, in San Diego at the W Hotel and I will teach you how to start using video in your own business and so much more.  In addition to learning about incorporating video into your marketing plan, I will be pulling the curtain back on how I run my business (we’re talking my processes, procedures, templates, and some of my expert friends will share as well).

No BS – just the kind of straight talk I wish I would’ve received when I was a new wedding planner 7 years ago.

Happy Wednesday!