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The REFINE Course is one of the best steps towards your passion!

Wedding Planning as a career is exciting, rewarding, and FUN and I’m so excited to provide you with the tools you need to follow your dream of being a successful wedding planner!

I have been planning weddings and events for nearly a decade and I have learned so much about what it takes to be successful in this industry. I have also experienced my fair share of mistakes and failures.

When I was starting my business, the opportunity to be coached by a successful wedding planner would have saved me so much time (and a good chunk of money, too!), but wedding planners were unwilling to share their experiences and advice in fear of creating competition.


There is PLENTY of business to go around in this multi-billion dollar industry and we ALL possess the unique ability to attract clients who prefer us over the next planner.

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I was determined to make it, no matter what!

So many times I wished that I had someone who would just tell me how to do it, step by step, give me the Cliffs Notes version so I could bypass the costly mistakes, save myself time, and not go crazy in the process of starting and running a wedding planning business.

That is precisely why I have created the REFINE course for you!

Alison Howard



Sometimes others mistake using the Cliffs Notes approach as the lazy or undeserving way of getting ahead, but the way I see it is like this: those who are really driven and are willing to put in the work are GOING to make it no matter what (like I did), it will just take them longer.

But who wants to take the long route? It’s all about working harder AND smarter!

Through this course I will share with you everything I’ve learned so that you can save time, stress, and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.

What You’ll Learn

What You’ll Get


Over 25 detailed, step-by-step course videos


Access to the REFINE Course community


The REFINE Course Template Kit, 
which includes over 40 pages of priceless content:

Email Templates
Sample Contract
Wedding Planning Intake Form
Wedding Day Timeline Template
The Alison Howard Wedding Planning Process
The Alison Howard Wedding Planning Process – Client Edition

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“Since my coaching sessions with Alison, NOLA BASH has grown leaps and bounds. I have fine-tuned my planning process and really enjoyed creating memorable client experiences to sprinkle in. My biggest two struggles were pricing and staffing. Alison listened to my struggles and together we worked on a plan of action to tackle these issues head on and BELIEVE we can overcome them. Just having someone in your corner to tell you ‘You can do it’ is sometimes all the encouragement one needs to move mountains. The confidence and knowledge I gained working with Alison is immeasurable. I am booking my ideal client at my ideal price with a 95% success rating! I have a stellar team behind me that allows me to work on and in the business AND still have time to enjoy family life with my new husband. Huge thank you to Alison for sharing your expertise and advice through coaching, being a great lister, huge supporter, and overall rockstar!”

-Danielle Papania

“Working with Alison was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. When I first saw that she was offering guidance to novice wedding planners, I knew I had to take an advantage. Not many wedding planners (if any) are willing to share their own experiences to help set others up for success. Being a newcomer to the wedding industry is intimidating, but with Alison’s guidance, I have started to feel more confident in my brand, and my talents that make me unique as a wedding planner. Our meetings were packed with tons of helpful tips, advice and personal anecdotes from Alison, and she always encouraged me to ask questions. Because of her, I have implemented new processes that have already begun to benefit my business.”

-Nicole Ellison
Love Marks The Spot Wedding Planning & Design

“Deciding to work with Alison was the best business decision I could have ever made. She is so encouraging, supportive and may I add, funny! She’s a straight shooter, which I love and she’s amazing at what she does. Alison is the rock star of wedding planning in my book and I’m just so lucky that I got the opportunity to get her advice, her tips and to share the beginning of my journey with her. I am forever grateful for the experience and it has been essential in my business.”

-Kat Eitner
Kat Eitner Events

“I went to Alison early into my business. I was in need of organization and structure. I needed immediate answers that would have taken years of trial and error to achieve. I needed her decade worth of wedding experience. Working with Alison was a breeze. I immediately changed how I approached booking brides and the structuring of the planning process. She gave me the tools to organize my own processes. This led to brides having increased confidence in my abilities and made their client experience much more enjoyable. Most importantly, she helped me and my business grow. Having Alison as a mentor is priceless.”

-Cheryl Sullivan
Cheryl Sullivan Events

“Alison’s enthusiasm and love for her work and people is so heartfelt. She always goes the extra mile. I have already begun implementing the changes Alison suggested and I am very excited to say that my first wedding is just around the corner and I cannot! Even though I’ve been planning corporate events for over 20 years, I had no idea how different it was to plan a wedding. Alison gave me some incredible tools that are allowing me to really connect in a very personal way with my couples. Anyone who gets the unique opportunity to work with Alison shouldn’t think twice and should just grab it and feel incredibly fortunate.”

-Kelly Lamb, Kelly Lamb Events

“I was struggling with how to get my business outside family and friends and get real paying clients. And it happened! It happen because I attended one of Alison Howard’s live workshops, The Refine Workshop. There I learned everything from how to present myself as a wedding planner to how to create a client experience. What an invaluable investment in my future. Not only did I gain knowledge but also met the most wonderful group of people that even until this day are willing to help and encourage each other. Thank you Alison!”

-Graciela Rosario, Graceful Event Planning
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