thealisonhoward.comOne of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was actually via a video that was circulating on Facebook this past summer about 100 year old Ida Keeling, a national running champion with a copious amount of spirit.  In her video she advises others to “do the thing that you don’t like to do first, and get rid of it”.  For me, that simple sentence has transformed my thinking and doing.

There are things that I need to accomplish daily that I often don’t because I’m focused on other more “important” demands, which usually trump the truly important things, like taking care of myself as a human.  Because of this I decided to schedule my mornings based on doing the stuff that was difficult for me to get done once my day got going.  The hard stuff.  The stuff I include on my to-do list as more of a formality, as if it makes me seem well-rounded or nobel because hey, I took the initiative to write it down.

The top two hard-to-accomplish-daily things on my list – and this is horrible to admit because they are the two BEST things I can do for myself personally – are working out and spending quiet time with God.

I’ll admit it, I can be a lazy Christian and an equally lazy fitness enthusiast, but what I lack in discipline I make up for in determination.  As a result, I purposed to get up at 5am M-F (and have for exactly 5 weeks yesterday!) to workout and read my Bible/pray.  And you know what is happening?  It’s becoming less difficult to knock those things out daily and consequently I feel so accomplished by the time 6:30am rolls around!  Not to mentioned healthier and more centered.

I’ve started applying this theory to everything else.  Work (those things I used to procrastinate on are now top of the list), chores, errands, etc., and what I’ve found is that so much of this resistance is in my head.  Once I complete the dreaded task I realize that it took way less time than I anticipated and the feeling of accomplishment and level of productivity is so much higher.

If you’re struggling with procrastination get the hard stuff done first and let me know how it works for you!

Shine On,