The past month has been crazy.  End-of-the-school-year activities, church events, dance recital for our girls, birthday parties, and just the daily happenings of life have left us exhausted and in desperate need of a recharge.  I am so excited to have my kids out of school and to refocus on what is most important: loving Jesus and loving others.  It never fails to amaze me how the daily grind threatens to derail us over and over again.  I don’t want to be the type of person (or have they type of family) who moves along an uncharted path, wherever the wind blows, lacking intention and direction.  I want to live simply, fully, and purposely.

As I’ve been thinking about this summer and having my kids home with me I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want the summer to flow.  The word that keeps coming to mind is REST.  Specifically, resting in Him.  If you know anything about me you know that resting is not where I excel; I’m a doer. But I think that you can rest and rest in God and also accomplish much.   So I in true planner fashion – ha! typical – I’ve come up with my summer resolutions to help me embrace this idea of resting in God:

ONE // I don’t believe God ever intended us to be so busy. I don’t know about you but I am SO sick of busy.  I want peace.  I want time.  I want to live intentionally and I want to enjoy my life with the people I love.  I resolve to say NO to things that just keep us busy and to say YES to the things that matter (like barbecues with family and friends, dating, reading as much as I can, family Bible study, swimming, road trips, bike rides at dusk, gardening, family dinners, game nights, etc).

TWO // I’m done trying to be skinny.  I hate the word skinny.  I hate the pressure to fit some mold.  I want to be healthy and I want to honor my body as God’s temple.  Period.  I resolve to focus on loving myself with a Godly love and honoring this vessel He gave me by simply moving it more than not and fueling it with good things so I can do the work He has for me INSTEAD of focusing on the size of my jeans.

THREE // Adventure is the spice of life and I think we all crave it. I resolve to plan adventures for myself and family and embrace spontaneity as mini-adventures happen daily (especially with 3 kids).

FOUR // I want to be more selfless and I want to seek out opportunities to serve others.  I believe God gives us these opportunities daily and we choose to overlook and excuse them because we are too busy to take the time to reach out to someone else.  No more of that.  I resolve to be aware of the needs of others and to act on that awareness by serving, even when it feels uncomfortable or inconvenient.

FIVE // Last but not least, I am not the most amazingly fun Mom. I am the organized, provides great meals, reads out loud, kisses the owie, snuggles on the couch kinda Mom, but when it comes to actual letting-loose-let’s-have-some-fun!….not so much (that’s what Dad’s are for, right?!).  But I really do want to have more FUN with my kids so I resolve to do that.

Do you make summer resolutions?  I’d love to know yours!

Shine On,