If you’ve been paying attention you know that Periscope (the new live broadcasting app created by Twitter) is all the rage!  Everyone is curious about Periscope but I have been sensing a good amount of hesitation around actually getting out there and USING Periscope because it’s live and it’s video.  As if those two things aren’t intimidating enough you put them together and whoa – that’s scary!  But fear not!  I’m here to help you figure this whole Periscope thing!

When it comes to figuring things out, I’m a big believer in getting your hands dirty.  You have to DO IT to GET IT.  Because of this school of thought I am so excited to kick off a month of Periscope with you! If you’ve been wanting to learn how to use Periscope, this is your opportunity!  Join in with me and other creatives as we all commit to posting a new Periscope broadcast daily while we support each other in the process!

Purpose of this challenge:
To connect with others
To learn this new social app
To step out of your comfort zone

Details of this challenge:

1 // At least one new Periscope everyday for the next 30 days starting tomorrow, September 4.  Use the hashtag #alisonhowardperiscopechallenge so we can all find you and and follow along on the journey.

2 // Vary the content – but provide content that benefits others.  If you’re a wedding pro like myself but have other interests please share them!  I’d love to see you cooking, doing your makeup for the day, sharing what God is doing in your life, showing us your favorite place to work, art that you are creating, what workout you did for the day and how awesome you feel – anything encouraging, inspiring, educational, motivating, and fun that helps us learn something new  AND helps us get to know you better!  You DO NOT have to be buttoned up and perfect for every broadcast because that is not reality.

3 // NO comparing!  I think one major reason why we stop ourselves from putting the real us out there is because we constantly compare what we are doing with what other people are doing.  We talk ourselves out of shining because someone else that we admire is already shining so brightly. HOGWASH.  Total hogwash.  Lets stop doing that and start building confidence via this exercise.  Lets make new connections and new friends!  Lets be our authentic, wonderful, real selves!

4 // NO deleting your broadcast!  Let me explain.  When I do a broadcast (like today’s) where I’m not very put together, or I fumble over my words, or it was impromptu and not well thought out (aka perfect) I end up wanting to delete it because I feel like it was so not beneficial to anyone.  Please don’t do that!  All those thoughts and feelings come from a place of insecurity and we need to get over that and accept ourselves just as we are.

5 // Commit to watching and supporting at least two other Periscope challenger’s broadcast everyday. How do you show support?  Give as many hearts as you can (by tapping your screen) and share their broadcast.  Lets build each other up.

6 // Share what you’re doing to create momentum! Let your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers know you’re doing this by sharing the image above. Check in daily on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to let us know when you’re scoping and what your scope will be about!  Don’t forget to hashtag #alisonhowardperiscopechallenge so I (and others) can find you!

If you accept the challenge let me know in the comments below and tag me online so I can follow you! I’ll be popping onto Periscope for a quick tutorial if you’re new to the app this afternoon at 4:30 PST.

Happy ‘scoping friends!