Photo by Allan Zepeda

When I was a brand new wedding planner I remember struggling with how to brand my business, how to actually run a business, how to market my business and get it in front of my ideal client (but I didn’t even really know who my ideal client was), how to properly email with prospective clients, how to have a successful first consultation, how to actually plan a wedding start to finish, how to coordinate a wedding day rehearsal, and on and on and on.

Sound familiar?

Although I was certified and had even interned, these were things that I didn’t have a solid grasp on and that led to a major lack of confidence in myself and my abilities to make it as a wedding planner.  So I reached out to successful wedding planners in my industry in hopes that they would mentor me and guide me in exchange for pretty much anything.  (Seriously.  I would’ve groomed their dogs and picked up their dry-cleaning if it meant someone actually telling me how to be a successful wedding planner.)  Not one person took me up on that offer.  Not one.

I remember one particular afternoon sitting at my desk in tears, completely overwhelmed and exhausted from working countless hours with little to show for it.  It was at that moment that I silently vowed to do whatever it took to succeed and when I did, I’d share EVERY SINGLE THING I’d learned with aspiring and new weddings planners who maybe felt hopeless and overwhelmed and beat down, just like me.

Fast forward nearly a decade and that is exactly what I’ve done.  

Through my one-one-one coaching program, YouTube videos, speaking engagements, the REFINE workshop, the REFINE group on Facebook, and now THE REFINE COURSE – launching this spring – I have done exactly what I promised.  When I see someone’s life transformed because of what I’ve shared with them about what it reallytakes to make it as a wedding planner – wow.  Just wow.

I can’t wait to share the REFINE Course with you and in the coming weeks I’ll be letting you in on what the course entails.  In the meantime just know that I’ve poured my heart into this course; it is rich and full and complete – everything I wish someone would’ve shared with me.  

Shine On,

Alison Howard