Hello Friends!

I am so beyond excited to share with you all that I have accepted a position with The Wedding and Event Institute as Director of Wedding Education.  For the past year I have been the US Reporter for their Wedding Wednesday Reports and have really enjoyed sharing information and tips with students of WEI and the wedding industry in general.  As I launched coaching and my own workshop, REFINE, and as I began to speak on video marketing across the country, wedding education became a more prevalent part of my world and one that I really love.  So imagine how THRILLED I was when WEI approached me with this amazing offer?!  Very, to say the least.  Starting in June I will be representing WEI in this official capacity and I am so excited to educate others in the wedding industry as they grow their careers.

The big question I’ve been getting is whether or not I will continue to plan weddings.  My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY!  I love weddings and I love my couples, so I can’t see myself quitting anytime soon. However, I will only be booking a maximum of FIVE weddings a year.  My team is in place to plan far more than that and because they have all been trained by me personally and certified via WEI they offer fantastic services.  Alison Howard Events will still be based in CA, able to travel to any destination.  So nothing is really changing for my company other than possibly needing to add another planner to my team (hint hint).

Here are a few more questions I’ve been asked:

Q: Will you still be making videos for your YouTube channel?
A: YES!  Expect to see more candid behind-the-scenes content as well as lifestyle content in addition to wedding info in the future.

Q: Will you still offer your REFINE workshop?
A: YES!  The next workshop is in Dallas, TX in August and details will be announced in June.

Q: Will you still offer coaching to aspiring and novice wedding planners?
A: YES! :)

To my family, friends, past and present clients and those of you who have followed me over the years: thank you so much for all your support and encouragement!  Starting a wedding planning business was a random endeavor that has become one of the greatest blessings I’ve experienced.  I love you all and appreciate you more than I can express.