I get it.  We all want to grow wildly successful businesses.  We spend countless hours per day thinking about how we can do better, be better than the next guy, attract better clients and make more money. We want to be liked, popular, seen and sought-out.  But when day after day passes and we feel less like we have it all together and more like we’re watching everyone else succeed, what then?

I’m sure you wonder how they get there?  Why do they stand out and you don’t?  Why are they so successful and you’re not?  Why do people seem to adore them and not you (because you know that you’re just as awesome)?  Well, my friend, the answer has likely been under your nose all along, but it is SO basic that it’s simply gone overlooked by you (and myself years ago!).

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon that I like to call EXTREME KINDNESS.  (I’m bolding it, underlining it, italicizing it – because it is that important!)

When I learned about extreme kindness, why it’s so important, and how to infuse it into my business (to clients and colleagues alike) everything changed.  I want to share this with you because I know when you start consistently applying extreme kindness to your own business, you will see majorly awesome things begin to happen as well.   And I want majorly awesome things to happen for you!

Why is Extreme Kindness so crucial to the success of your business?

In a world where people are very self-focused and self-absorbed encountering someone who is selfless is pretty incredible.  Being kind is one thing, but being Extremely Kind to others stands out.  How do you practice Extreme Kindness in your business?  Keep reading…

When you practice Extreme Kindness to others and go over and above for them two things typically happen A) it causes others to act; they aspire to treat others the same B) they reciprocate and usually will go above and beyond for you as well.  It truly is that simple.

So how do you apply and practice Extreme Kindness in your business?

This should be obvious, but (shockingly) to many, it’s not.  If someone has taken the time to provide you education, support, resources, and advice which has resulted in helping you move your business forward, be willing to help them when they need it.

Reply to every piece of correspondence (emails, Facebook messages, comments left on Instagram, snail mail, etc.), even if it’s very late.  I know this sounds like a lot (and I struggle with it too, especially during busy seasons) but even if it takes you 6 months to reply, please do!  There is an actual human being on the other side of the screen who admired you enough to post praise or trusted you enough to ask you for help.  A delayed response is better than no response.

You’d be surprised how shocked some people are when I respond to them. OMGGGG I can’t believe you actually wrote me backkkkk!  Well of course I wrote you back!  I am not Madonna!  Why wouldn’t I write you back?!  Even if YOU think you’re small potatoes, someone else out there is probably looking up to you. Your thoughtful reply could be exactly what they need to help push them towards becoming who they were created to be.

Try your absolute best to provide people with free tools and resources via videos, free PDF’s, support, a monthly newsletter, webinars, weekly Periscopes – whatever!  I know this goes against what we think we should do, but it provides value and creates trust.

When my wedding planning business was about 3 years old I started receiving an influx of emails from aspiring wedding planners who wanted to ‘pick my brain’.  I didn’t have time to meet or call every single person and spend an hour chatting about how I started my business so I created a YouTube channel.  My original videos (which are no longer up there) were for aspiring wedding planners.

I give away free resources ALL THE TIME.  It is just a regular part of my business.  From videos, to Q&A sessions on Periscope (@thealisonhoward – just did a scope on this today), free PDF’s, my newsletter, to my REFINE Facebook group.  Some people view this as a waste of time.  I view this as you get what you give.

If you SEE someone in need of help, be that person who steps up.  Maybe it’s helping with a wedding that isn’t one you’re personally planning, or carrying a photographer’s bags for a shoot, or helping a floral designer who is short-handed.  Keep your eyes and ears open to what’s going on in your community (and beyond) and I promise you’ll have zero trouble finding an opportunity to serve others.

FIVE // GIVE GIVE GIVE….then give some more
I’m not talking about staying up until 2am every morning to answer emails or missing your sons ballgame to help at a wedding.  You have to have boundaries. But there are so many ways every single day that you can give your time, talents, and resources.  Giving words of encouragement is huge!  A compliment, a word of support or praise…  People feel so unseen and your Extremely Kind words could make their day.  Leave nice comments, share love, build others up as often as possible.

If someone has taken the time to directly or indirectly share advice and knowledge with you or has provided you with tools and resources that have helped you succeed, show them Extreme Kindness and help them when they ask for it.  Then GO and be that person to others.

And don’t forget, if you found this post useful, inspiring, encouraging, or fun share the love with a friend!

Shine on my friends,