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Seared Salmon with Caper Dill Sauce

In my eyes, sauces make everything better.  Every time I sear some type of meat in a pan and see those wonderful juices start rendering and all the marvelous fond (those little bits of browned yumminess stuck on the pan)

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Refreshing Endive Tuna Bites

This summer has been a HOT one and cooking has been tough to do with the past two weeks being in triple digits here in central California!  If you’re sick of sweating in front of the stove my endive tuna

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Simple Poached Eggs That Will Wow Them!

If you follow me on Instagram you know from my stories that I eat eggs on the regular.  Like, every single day.  For me they’re the perfect breakfast food, extremely versatile and, of course, nutritional.  Eggs are full of selenium,

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The BEST Ranch Dressing

Ranch is quite possibly my favorite way to dress a salad and it’s no surprise since its base is mayonnaise, which is my favorite condiment.  Unfortunately most ranch dressing sold in non-health food stores are full of preservatives and sugar, so

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