My sweet blue-eyed boy turns 5 years old today.

Not many people know this but when Mark and I decided that it was time to add a second child to our family we were lucky enough to get pregnant right away, just like we did the first time around with our oldest.  However, not long after finding out the exciting news, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I couldn’t get pregnant for months.  I remember praying to God, pleading with Him about my desire to have another baby and finally surrendering control over how our family would be formed to Him.

I took comfort in the story of Hannah in the Bible, who also struggled to conceive; she fervently prayed to God to bless her with a child.  When she finally did conceive, Hannah named her baby Samuel which means “God heard”.  When we found out that we were finally pregnant again, I instantly knew it was a boy and I knew that Samuel would be his middle name – because God heard.

I am so blessed to be Brody Samuel’s momma.  He brings so much fun and joy to our family and he has a helpful and loving heart.  He is obsessed with cars and trucks and loves to color.  Mentoring and guiding him and watching him grow into such a precious little boy (mentoring and watching all three of my children grow) is my life’s greatest and most important work.

Brody has been very specific about how we are spending his birthday – baking a cake, eating at Chick-fil-A, and opening presents are all on the agenda (next week we head to Disneyland because c’mon, this car-loving 5 year old has got to experience Cars Land for the first time!).   Now lets see if I can pull off this whole homemade cake thing. ; -)