I spent this past weekend with two of my favorite people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – my sisters!  I’m the oldest of three girls; Kari is the middle child (I would insert a middle child joke here but I wouldn’t dare!) and Megan is the youngest (I would insert a youngest child joke here…).  In all seriousness, I adore my sisters and I love that I grew up with built-in best friends.

Kari and Megan are BOTH pregnant (Kari with baby #2 and Meg with baby #1), BOTH due in May, and BOTH having boys!! Two new nephews!  I went back to my hometown, with my oldest daughter in tow, to celebrate Megan at her baby shower and spend time with my family in general.  I am beyond blessed to have such amazing people in my life and I am so happy I was able to visit my sisters one last time before the babies arrive.

Here are some (iPhone) photos from my trip.

Emma and I, ready for the 5 1/2 hour drive from San Diego to Hanford, CA!

When we got to Hanford I had to stop by the grocery store and saw this little gem-of-a-hat.  Representing.

These signs are in so many front yards all over Hanford.  I didn’t mind the reminder.

This is Owen, my nephew.  He is currently the most adorable and awesome nephew in the world, who doesn’t take eating a popsicle too seriously.

I only add this photo because I was super impressed that my bro-in-law had his own coffee syrup.  I love when people go the extra mile.

Megan made all those pinwheels for her shower.  So adorable!

There was a Create-Your-Own-Onesie station!  Huge hit! (I made the two below.)

Megan and her husband Bryan are naming the baby Shepherd Lincoln.

My sisters and I.  They really wanted me to join the prego club, but I had to decline. ; )

I groped her belly several times this weekend and felt lots of kicks.

 Happy Monday!!