Motherhood. Okay, I’ll be honest. I’ve been staring at this computer screen for ten minutes thinking how I should compile advice, witty analogies and heartfelt sentiment into this blog post. But if I’m being honest, my kids keep coming into my office, interrupting my train of thought and I’m getting irritated. Of course they don’t know that because you have to be extra sweet on Mother’s Day weekend since your stellar nurturing skills are the subject of celebration.

Being a mom to my three kids has been (and currently is) the most significant blessing I have received. Nothing humbles you like parenthood. Nothing reveals the depth of your capacity for love and sacrifice or the rawness of failure more than being a mom. When I see my kids make good choices, pray, help each other, and show compassion I applaud myself for molding their character. But when I see them struggle, disobey (for the millionth time), say ugly things or act out of anger I see my own shortcomings – sobering to say the least. I have learned so much about my own character as I’ve tried my best to cultivate theirs. Its an on-going never-ending process.

Some of the absolute best Mom advice I ever received was from Judy (Oprah has Maya Angelou, I have Judy) who told me when I was pregnant with my first: Remember Alison, they are in your world, you’re not in theirs. That statement stuck with me and its taken me far.

To all my amazing Mom friends: You inspire me. You are amazing and your job is not thankless.

To my own Mom and Mom-figures: You have each taught me so much about motherhood and who I want to be as a mom. Your contribution is significant and I thank you.

To my children, Emma, Brody, and Kyndall: Thank you for making me a mom. If I teach you to love God, love others, and do good I will consider myself a success.

Photo Credit: Quinn LaCasse Photography

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!