I was in Fresno, CA, a college student asleep in my cozy little apartment not too far from campus.  I didn’t have class until later in the day and sleeping in was my plan that morning.  My roommate, Chaundra, who had an early class, barged into my room before 6am to tell me that something terrible had happened, there had been a plane crash, I should get up…  I remember saying something about trusting in God and having faith….telling her to go to school and we’d talk about it later.  I was tired and still half asleep, but I have this knack for sounding coherent when I’m exhausted.  Surprisingly enough, she listened.

I was just about back to sleep when the phone rang.  Who was calling me this early?!  Irritated, I answered.  All my mom said was, turn on your TV now.  There was an urgency in her voice that I have heard before and without hesitation, I did what she said.  Not two minutes later I watched in realtime and absolute horror as the second plane hit the South Tower.

Chaundra came home shortly after and our day was full of confusion, sadness, anger.  I remember it being oddly overcast that September day, and it rained.  I remember trying to make sense of such evil and my heart swelling over the magnitude of such senseless loss.  I remember also knowing that no matter what, my God was bigger than this tragedy and I remember praying for the those who were directly and indirectly affected.

On this anniversary of 9/11 I remember the innocent who lost their lives and pray for their families and friends.  I remember all those who sacrificed their lives in service to our country and those who continue to do so in the name of my freedom.