I’ve always thought artichokes were so beautiful and it’s no wonder considering they’re actually a flower bud!  If not harvested, the artichoke blooms into a gorgeous violet-blue flower that is stunning!

Image via sunset magazine.com

Cooking an artichoke by wrapping it tightly in foil (like a Hershey Kiss), putting it in my steamer, and living my life for one hour is something I often do.  I love cooking artichokes because there is such little effort for such a yummy snack.  It turned out perfectly, aside from the less than vibrant color.  Despite smothering it generously in fresh lemon juice, I have yet to find a hack that keeps artichokes from dulling.  The mayo is seasoned with sea salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.  I eyeballed it, so don’t have exact measurements, but start with less seasoning and taste until you get it where you want.

Image by thealisonhoward.com

Some people ask me how I get my kids to eat random things like an artichoke.  While my kids are extremely adventurous with food now, that wasn’t always the case.  Something I would do when they were littler is change up their food experience to make eating the food more interesting.  Simply ditching the plates and making a snack board can make all the difference!

Enjoy! xo