Carrissa and I met in college.  I saw her in my freshman math class and then a few days later when I started my serving job at Chili’s (my least favorite job to date) I realized that she worked there too.  We hit it off quickly and soon became pretty inseparable, going to church on Sunday’s together, taking random road trips, shopping, laying out by the pool listening to Bob Marley and dreaming about what our futures would look like.

Not long after that I was engaged and planning my wedding and naturally Carrissa was one of my bridesmaids.  We kept in close touch over the years and both started our own businesses when we were in our mid-twenties.  Carrissa had her dream job as a salon owner, lived by the ocean (a BIG goal of hers), and life seemed to be just what she had dreamed of years ago.  But what she wanted more than anything was just the right guy to share it with.

Enter Philip.  🙂

Philip was a loving daddy to two adorable kiddos and a young successful entrepreneur – who happened to live in Carrissa’s hometown of Fresno, CA.  Carrissa and Philip fell in love and everything changed.   Eventually, Carrissa moved back to Central CA to be near Philip and they were engaged soon thereafter.

I was so thrilled to be able to help Carrissa plan her beautiful garden wedding.  I love giving people the gift of ease on their wedding, especially friends.


I adore garden weddings.  This particular garden was gorgeous.

First look before their ceremony.  I love Philip’s expression here at seeing his bride for the first time.

Such a lovely bouquet!

So beautiful – inside and out.

The happy family.

Carrissa’s Grandpa Turley married them.  They have such a sweet relationship and he adores her.

Isn’t her hair gorgeous?!


I love this photo.

Happy Wednesday!


Photo credit: Gina Ornellas Photography