Great food matters.  It effects the overall aesthetic and enjoyment of your event.  There is nothing better than arriving at a gorgeous event where the food is equally as pleasing to the eye and tastes phenomenal.  The quality of the food at an event is just as important as the entertainment, decor, and company.

I recently wrote about my time at engage!13 here, but after seeing all the photos of the decadent fare, I decided the food of engage!13 at The Biltmore Estate needed a post of its own.


I really enjoyed these!  Watermelon, blue cheese, and beef.  Great combo.

I could’ve eaten that bread all day.  It looks really crunchy, but it was slightly buttery and soft.  So good.

Pulled Pork Sliders, branded and all.

A build-your-own ice cream station.  Seriously?!  Adorable!

Who doesn’t like mini gourmet pop tarts?

I restrained myself from indulging in one (solely because I had already had about 16 mini pop tarts).

Yogurt with fruit and granola.  I loved the little sprig of lavender in each.

I love sugar cookies and these were amazing.  And cute.

My favorite.  Obviously. (Peter Callahan is a genius.)

Honestly, this wasn’t even all of it…  Thank you again to Maura Scarmack for everything and The Biltmore Estate for the delicious food (and gorgeous presentation)!  Oh, and I only gained one pound. WIN! ; -)


Photos by Carla Ten Eyck, Allan Zepeda, and Jeremie Barlow – thank you guys!