Last week felt so long and was pretty draining physically, so I wasn’t sad to see it end.  Over the weekend we cleaned, baked, spent time with family and friends, and I added a run in there too.  I love the weekends.  So refreshing to have less of an agenda and more respite.

I love going into a new week.  It’s a fresh start to do well.  I accomplished all of last weeks goals and found myself 4 pounds lighter with several inches  GONZO.  It is so rewarding to see the hard work pay off.  This week my goals are similar to last weeks (and the weeks before): Ten workouts total, 5 at the gym, 5 extra cardio sessions, clean eating daily.  You can read what I do at the gym here but this weeks cardio goal will be running 2 miles M-F.  That might not sound too impressive to you, but this is big for me. I’ve always been super resistant to running.  It’s just not my thing.  I had never ran 2 miles straight before – like everuntil today.  It feels so good to do something that you think you can’t.   I’m kinda falling in love with running.

(Celebrating and praising God for a little victory!)

My nutrition challenge is to keep it clean.  Nothing processed other than my protein shake.  Oh, and continue to update my nutrition journal.  That is something that’s really kept me accountable.  I was a major hater when it came to keeping track of meals before, but I’m learning that I clearly know less than I thought. : ) Food has been less of an issue the past week, probably because when you start to see little physical changes and you know how hard you’re working that piece of pizza is just not worth it.

Someone asked me the other day what my ultimate goal is.  That’s easy: to wear cute shorts this summer. That’s it.  I can’t wait to post that pic on June 21 – the first day of summer. : )