So I had a bit of a crazy idea…

I’ve been doing video for years.  I love it.  I love to share what I do in hopes that my decade of wedding expertise will help and inspire brides and entrepreneur’s alike.  After coming back from engage!13 and having a fantastic time briefly interviewing speakers/attendees on the red carpet, I decided that I wanted to interview top professionals in the industry, hear their story and share it with others.  I want to show off the amazing person behind the amazing business.

I told a fellow wedding pro about it and within hours I had the location reserved and the first round of interviews scheduled (so many people were interested that round two will be in August).  Thats when you know that something is supposed to happen.  It all came together so perfectly.

I am so excited to share with you my first sit-down interview (ever!) with the extremely talented and totally fun Tim King. Tim opened up about how he started his photography business, how he approaches fear and risk-taking, what he misses most about being a kid, and even God.

But before you scroll down to my interview with Tim, I have a few people to thank:

Suzanne Ofeldt – You listened to my idea, wrapped your big supportive heart around it (and me) and helped bring it to life. Thank you for believing in me.

Jennifer Nesovic and the La Jolla Shores Hotel – You blew me away.  Not only did you provide the space but you provided snacks.  Thats huge and you must’ve known one of my love languages is food.  Thank you, Jen, and everyone at the La Jolla Shores Hotel for providing the beautiful backdrop for this interview (and several others).

Tim King – Thank you for agreeing to be my first interview.  I’m certainly no Oprah and so appreciate that you said yes anyways! : )